Meet Lexi from Norway

We believe that channels like us can give pet owners the ability to discover, connect and share their thoughts with other owners from the national and international community. This time we will virtually visit and meet with Lexi and her owner.

Lexi lives in the land of Vikings, Norway! She is 3 years old and is a mix of Dachshund and Phalène.

According to her our owner, Lexi is a happy dog with a lot of energy. She loves to play, run and be outside. She particularly enjoys walking to the forest and it’s definitely one of her favourite places.

During summer, she likes to swim and eat blueberries! Lexi lives with two other dogs and two cats.

Her owner recently bought a pink Truelove harness, which Lexi loves using on every walk. The owner says that the harness is perfect for Lexi, as it can adjust around the neck and stomach giving her really good support.

We wish Lexi and her owner many joyful walks in the forest.