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Truelove dog harnesses are designed to last. Choose from the wide range of popular harness styles and find the one just right for your dog’s needs.

Best Selling Truelove Dog Harness

Designed for comfort and control, there is no guessing why this is the most popular Truelove harness.

Two Attachment Points

With a clip on the front of the harness and a top clip, you are can combat pulling with greater control.

Available in a range of colours

Eleven colours to choose from and designed to fit dog breeds of all sizes. Find your perfect fit.

Rubber Handle

Sturdy handle providing even better control of movement of your dog.

Custom Velcro Pads

Able to remove and replace the velcro patches on either side of the harness. Full customisation available.

Available in a range of colours

With eleven colours to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your dog.

Special Hawaiian Edition

A creative spin on our most popular Truelove dog harness, inspired with bold floral patterns.

Easy-on Front clip

Able to place this harness on your dog without needing to go over the head using the easy to use neck clip.

Stainless Steel Rings

Two attachment rings provide large loading capacity and tensile strength – perfect for strong pullers.

The Full Harness Collection

Truelove Dog Harnesses

The Truelove Brand

We have developed a close working relationship with the Truelove Brand and work together to maintain the highest standards of integrity for the brand as an approved UK distributor.

Specialised in manufacturing pet products, each product represents a well thought out, researched idea, followed by rigorous testing to provide consumers with innovative solutions that improve the care and comfort of their pet.

With customers returning time and time again, the quality of Truelove Dog Harnesses & Leads speak for themselves.